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CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT Pick up the HUD at the landing point. It has a map to take you from one area to the next on the festival ground. Grab the gift bag too. It is loaded with amazing goodies from our designers. Please bookmark this website, join the inworld group and our Facebook page. […]



You can enjoy a musical sliver of Indie Teepee by following our Spotify collaborative playlist. Discover what the singers, DJs, and our team are listening to. Listen here: Indie Teepee 2016 Collaborative Playlist


Get To Know Our Team

  SCARLET SCHADENFREUDE, FOUNDER / CREATIVE DIRECTOR Indie Teepee is the brainchild of Scarlet Schadenfreude. She is a moderator for Upstairs Book Club and DJs at AAi. She has a soft spot for Postrock and Shoegaze, and is a junglist at heart. Top 5 favourite songs: Long Life – Primal Scream Made of Stone – The […]


Indie Teepee is something special from the moment you land. Why is it different? Well, it’s unlike most other events in that the stars aren’t the stores participating or the designers they’ve managed to secure, while these are here in abundance, what sets it apart is the vision of founder & creative director Scarlet Schadenfreude and her team. Scarlet has nailed the festival vibe, she takes everything that makes a festival an event in the truest sense of the word, tapping the vein of Woodstock and Glastonbury! for a truly unique and special visit.

Tony Vapour

There was a real buzz yesterday when I visited INDIE TEEPEE, with people wandering around, music playing, and plenty to look at. It’s is an annual music and arts festival in Second Life that is inspired by real life outdoor festivals. I can understand why – that sense of gathering, of the unexpectedness of live bands, of an event, a sense of occasion, and simply being there. 

Tizzy Canucci

The most amazing thing about INDIE TEEPEE is simply “why isn’t this done more often?” People in SL like to hang around in groups, they like to listen to music and do a bit of shopping and they like to click stuff and smile at the results. The festival type vibe of INDIE TEEPEE is custom-made for SL, and the only reason I can think of for other people not doing events this way is that INDIE TEEPEE seem to be doing it so well it leaves other festival organizers depressed in a corner crying.

Received Items

Nothing has been overlooked here at the INDIE TEEPEE event, and I’m actually really excited about it. 


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