A Complete Guide: Choosing the Right Toys for the Right Age

This site’s toy reviews are the best and it helps you to choose the right toy for your child as per the age of the child. It is important that the right toys are chosen else the baby will get uninterested in playing the toy.

Here is a guide on what to buy as per the child’s age.

Up to 6 months of age

This is the stage when the baby is developing its senses. So look to buy rattler and toys that have textures. It should be able to develop the baby’s senses. Playmats, musical toys, tethers are some of the best toys to buy for your baby at this stage.

6 months to a year

This is the stage when the baby is doing activities like laughing and babbling. It will also start crawling and attempt to walk. Battery operated toys and dumping toys are great at this stage.

Toddlers 1-3 years

This is the stage when the child is very eager and excited and wants to explore around. Emptying and filling, knocking down toys etc. make an age-appropriate toy at this stage. You should also develop the child’s creativity and thinking and building blocks are a great purchase at this stage. You could also encourage the child to try out some 3 piece puzzles.

3- 5 years

This is the stage when you can try out many toys like pretend to play toys, board games, craft toys, and creative toys. Ride on toys are also a favorite among children of this age.

Buying toys appropriate to the child’s age let the child learn new skills at each stage of its development and growth. The toy should match the age, the skill and offer some learning to the child. It is also important that the toys are safe and is not a choking hazard.…