5 Ways Social Media Influences Millennials’ Purchasing Decisions

Social media influences millennials purchasing decisions in the following ways:


The influencers in social media frequently discuss on brands.  They encourage such discussions.  Certain top brands appear again and again in the threads.  Few posts and comments are liked, shared and gradually become the hot discussion topic among youth.  That way people gradually learn about brands and frame their opinions based on the discussion inputs.

Blogs:  Blogs create a sea change in the decision making of consumers.  A classic example would help in proving this point.  The whole world was thinking that investing huge amount on brands was the wisest decision.  Maurielle Lozario changed this idea with his blog.  Thankfully, now people save huge money and buy plenty of fashion goods too.  Hence blogs are very important in influencing millennials purchasing decisions.  They help people to think out of the box.

Peer opinion and reviews:  Whenever people want to buy stuff, the first thing they do is to search for opinions.  There are whole lots of posts of customer reviews.  Social media helps in getting a review of peers, friends, relatives etc.  These will certainly influence purchasing decisions.

Media Marketing:  Social media marketing presence is mandatory for any business today.  It makes the reach easy.  Ads can be recommended and shared.  These ads appear in the monitor based on earlier searches of the viewer.  Reaching the right customer is the starting point.  These ads come with positive reviews and videos.  Hence the influencing process is easily done.

Search Engines:  The search engines in social media and SEO tools help in taking brand names and links repeatedly appear.  The more a person sees, the more he remembers.  This will create a natural desire which helps in buying action.  The popularity generated by search engines naturally helps in this process.  The customer recollects the brand name, product, features etc. even when he visits the store.