When we learn together, anything is possible. At the Creative Forum at Indie Teepee, we meet, talk, and collaborate to make Second Life a better place. A panel of speakers and guests will discuss an array of topic, offering insights and ideas that make our community more, educational, engaging, and exciting.

Creative Forum will be held at the Forum.


There will be a panel of 3 speakers, accompanied by a moderator. Only these four people will be on voice.

  • 5 mins – Greeting, and introduction by the moderator.
  • 5 mins – Each speaker in the panel introduces themselves.
  • 20 mins – Discussion session. Moderator will ask the questions.
  • 15 mins – Questions open to the floor. The public will IM the moderator their questions.
  • 15 mins – Mingle


Chris Nathanael West


Tuesdays and Thursdays, from noon to 1pm SLT

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