When asked what music do you play emma never really seems to be able to give a straight answer. “I mix.. and I consider a set as a whole. I often like slower tempos and dusty or grainy soundscapes, mostly music that matured, stood the test of time. I might play from the warmth of jazz funk soul disco, maybe reggae or classical music into the harshness of fast beating warehouse, acid, techno.. you can think of musical genres as colours that allow me to ‘paint’ an atmosphere, a small story, a journey. So please don’t ask me to choose only one, I want them all and evoke emotions, like a painting that makes you move and makes you want to move your body.”

emma often talks about dancing..
“…and with dancing comes music. Music that carries dancing.. like hands. Sometimes it will be soft hands caressing, teasing you or touching happily telling you they want to hold you. Sometimes they will guide you with a firm grip to places you’d never knew you’d enjoy or carefully lay you down after a long evening.

so maybe let’s hold hands tonight and see.. oh and dance”

emma will be playing on August 3, 2017 from 2PM to 3PM SLT