J M Freakshow

JM  is a talented DJ from Philidelphia in United States. He has been spinning in SL for over 6 years. He plays a variety of different styles to suit the various venues he has had the fortune to DJ at.

When asked to describe their style or let people know what to expect from their set, they replied:

Where to start….. I love music… but everyone says that, it’s fun to make mash ups mixes, I started with just vdj, it wasnt enough, then I got numark mixtrack … still wasn’t enough, moved on to denon mc6000 which I love. Then got denon 3700 cdjs pioneer ddj t1 and now ddj sz. I’ll try to mix all styles of music, but been stuck on deep house / tech tunes and that chill vibe.

JM will be playing on July 29, 2017 from 8PM to 9PM SLT

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