Morlita Quan

In RL Morlita was born in Galicia, Spain in 1988.

Studied Institutional Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing and Protocol. Began to play percussion and guitar at age 8. Since the age of 16 she produces and spon music, works with visual arts for different organizations, focusing on fields of theater, photography, music, graphic design and poetry.
She currently works under the artistic name Morlitam, as musician for the NAIF Records Label. Starting the second experimental style album and composing soundtracks for short films and filmographies – in parallel preparing abstract art exhibitions.
When asked what people can expect from her music she replied, “it’s always hard to explain the feeling… When you make a non commercial current, you are always exposed to people – who can feel it with you or don’t understand it. So what I can say for sure it is I do it with all my heart.”

Morlita will be playing on August 3, 2017 from 1PM to 2PM SLT

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