Melenda Mikael

Melenda started singing at a young age around 6. She always wanted to sing because she listened daily to her grandmother singing throughout the house. She started singing in choir early in her school days.  She was always soaking up as much music as she could everywhere she went. She did show choir, musicals and even did several singing competitions where she was awarded the highest of praises.  She is a shy singer, and you can often find her hiding in a corner somewhere, until you get to know her. She has been in and out of choirs and singing groups throughout her so called grown-up years and is just now dipping her toes into the live music part of this crazy virtual world. She has what most call a tender voice, but do not be mistaken she can also belt out some not as tender sounds. She is a very eclectic singer, liking to sing everything from Etta James to Radiohead.  While Melenda currently uses backing tracks for her singing she is working on learning the guitar, she is just having an issue with the guitar being way to big! She is forever grateful for the people that have helped and gently pushed her down this path and she hopes that you enjoy the sounds she brings you.

Melenda will be playing on July 30, 2017 from 3PM to 4PM SLT


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