Strum Diesel

At age 4, Strum would stand on the concrete slab patio which stood three feet above his back yard and play air guitar on a plastic baseball bat while pretending the rustling autumn leaves in the amber afternoon light were actually audience members.He has since played in New Orleans and Daytona Beach and regularly around Atlanta. In late 2008 the seasoned songwriter entered the virtual world and in 2009 saw the release of his album Lucky, as well as a tireless schedule of his energetic live internet shows which helped him amass a devoted following that spans the globe.

Although this new ‘virtual’ career had kept him busy at home for a few years, Sean still performs in the real world despite wacky rumors to the contrary. Sean won a GIMA (Georgia Indie Music Award) in 2010 for his production work on Cell Fehrenbach’s On My Way to Love. In 2012, he put those homegrown skills to work and produced his most recent CD, 2013’s Working Parts.

Strum will be playing oat 4pm – 5pm SLT on Sunday 24th July.

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