Live SL performing musician, composer and artiste since 2009. Live music improvisation & dance. Her performance encapsulate so much of the wonder that she transports your mind our of the screen and to somewhere most heavenly. Ultraviolet is also a participant in Burning Man and in many exhibitions and art openings in Second Life.


Ultraviolet has been playing live music and creating in Second Life since 2009. Ultra has done a lot of collaborations with various artisits in SL including creating music for machinima in Second Life, has won three UWA awards and has participated in many other collaborative projects (including Burn 2) that attempt to bring us to the now point of spontaneous living.



In my performances I leave as much as possible to improvisation so that each performance is unique to that moment in time an immersion in a virtual environments where in fact we all contribute to making that particular event the unique occasion that it is.

Rather than say ‘electronic’ a term I think does not do justice to music making today, it is more an ‘electrosonic matrix’ – patterns, rhythms, melodies and influences coming together – a journey without a destination.
I have been performing live music in Second Life and virtual worlds since 2009.
My other activities include:
Composing music for machinima,
3 dimensional exhibition themes and spaces
Participated in many collaborative art projects
You can find some echoes of my work on Soundcloud.com under my performance name “UltraSonne”

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Listen to her on Soundcloud