Virtual Ephemera is an adult sim, with so many places for lovers; hidden hideaways, cabins, picnic areas and more.
A sim for photography or just hanging out. A community built on the love of music and wanting to share that. Journey into the Jurassic; zip around on jet skis; climb the mountain to dance in the starship, then if you’ve still got the energy, try out the massive waterslide in the retro carnival park which takes you down to the most amazing Mer land you’ve ever seen! If you just want to chill, visit the relaxing Mediterranean Villa; there’s a stone circle grove for meditating or a forest to wander in.

With DJs playing nightly – Mer Monday, Topless Tuesday, Wine Wednesdays, Throwback Thursdays, Express your Flair Friday (Open Mic Night!), and Themed Sundays. Plus surprise events, live singers, tribute bands and 12+ hour music festivals quarterly!


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