Idle Rogue


Idle Rogue was formed in 2008 as a refuge for the alternative, combining our love for second life building and for alternative lifestyles. Music has always been our passion, and a focus on indie/alt music has influenced the Idle Rogue path from the outset. We support live music and DJs and we are home to After Dark, a thriving live music powerhouse presenting gigs four nights a week. The Underground presents indie and alt DJs on Fridays and Wednesdays in The Underground.
Recently featured on “Designing Worlds”, Idle Rogue Productions brings you Guerilla Burlesque, Le Cirque de Nuit, Mayfair, and past productions such as The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus and Mr Timeless and The Pale Hypnotic. We are proud of our ongoing collaboration with the Indie Teepee Festival.