The Velvet


Gleefully serving no practical purpose since 2006, The Velvet is home to some of the most eclectic djs on the grid. On any given night, you might hear classic rock, the latest indie releases, klezmer, EDM, blues, folk, punk or all of the above. We’re happy to bring our blend of musical oddities and stone-cold classics to the Indie Teepee stage!
Tuesday, July 25th from 5:00PM to 10:00PM and Wednesday, August 2nd from 6:00PM to 10:00PM SLT!

Featured DJ’s at Indie Teepee for Tuesday July 25th are Aair, Wiseblood, GypsyDoctor, Brannigan, and YoYo. Spinning for us on Wednesday, August 2nd are Prof. Teri, Jenna, Maht, and Oola.


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