Sex Swings for Beginners

Are you looking to spice up your love life? Did you want to try some positions that seem impossible? Or, is maybe the height difference between you and your partner a problem? Well, in that case, buying a sex swing might solve all of your problems.

What are Sex Swings?

Apart from being almost magical, sex swings are simple devices that will support the weight of couples during sex. Depending on the design, they can support one or both partners comfortably. They allow people to try out positions that would otherwise be impossible to achieve; not to mention that sex swings remove a lot of dangers that generally come with creative positions.


And they come with a lot of perks. First of all, they are usually very simple to mount. Some of them hang from the ceiling while others have their own frames. Some even hang from your door frame. However, unlike other sex furniture, you can easily carry them with you, depending on the type. You can also keep them clean by detaching the seat and simply throwing it in the washing machine.

Sex Swing Types

Just like most other products, there is more than one variation sex swings come in. To be precise, there are three primary types of sex swings. Let’s go over them.

Hanging Sex Swings

The most common type of sex swings is the one that simply hangs from your ceiling. They are convenient and very simple to use. So, if you plan to use your sex swing frequently, this could be the best way to go; not to mention that they offer a lot of versatility once you get the hang of it. If they hang from a single hook, you can have full freedom of movement. Some even come with a bar on the top side, you or your partner could use for support. However, you will have to use some power tools to set them up. And, not to mention that the eye hook on the ceiling can be quite noticeable if you plan on having guests over. For and in depth look at how to best hang your new sex swing head over to: Further reading at

Standing Sex Swings

Some sex swings come with their own stands. They usually have all of the benefits that regular hanging sex swings have. Some hang from a single point of the frame, while others hang from two points. With a sex swing stand, you won’t need any additional equipment. Simply put it together when you want to use it, and take it apart for storage in the meanwhile. Just bear in mind that they require a lot of room to set up.

Door Sex Swings

The simplest sex swings you can set up are over-the-door swings. You don’t have to waste time installing them. Just hang the swing over the door. An additional benefit is that the partner that is in the swing gets to rest his or her back against the door. However, they come with two flaws. First, there isn’t a lot of mobility you can achieve with them. And, second, the door has to be sturdy. Regular hollow doors are just not a very safe option.