The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Wood for Scroll Saw Projects

The furniture made with the help of scroll saw is known for the precise cuts and so it is necessary to select the best material for working with it. If the selected one is wrong then there is a problem of the wastage of materials and resources. The website offers ideas about the different scroll saws and their respective raw materials. Softwood is of a brittle nature. It is better used in a situation where there is a constant need to use hardened material to make a strong and stable furniture. It is enough to use softwood for practicing to use a new scroll saw but not for making furniture. Hardwood is the most well suited for manufacturing furniture. It is exceedingly more precise and well balanced and stable for furniture making. There are a few options:

  • Cherry- It is one of the softer hardwoods and a dream wood for the carpenters. It has rich color and adjusts very well to the scroll saw without any trouble at all. It is alright for general furniture but not preferred much for weight-bearing
  • Walnut is very much similar to cherry in its color as well as its own strength. The furniture made of this kind of wood is also not for heavy weight bearing.
  • Maple is relatively cheap wood. There are two types of maple. The hard one is extremely difficult to work with. The soft maple is much cheaper and a softer version of maple. It is available more and is extremely easy to work with also.
  • Birch is another kind of hardwood which is very similar to hard maple in terms of its appearance and its characteristics in terms of its size and usability.