About Guerilla Burlesque

About Guerilla Burlesque
Guerilla Burlesque presents a highly regarded dance entertainment revue style show twice every Friday, at 7pm and at Midnight. With five years of dedication to lifting the standard of live entertainment in Second Life, Guerilla Burlesque still produces a tight and dazzling show at every outing, receiving praise from audiences and media wherever they perform.

Our aim is to create well-made, immersive entertainment that would stand as entertainment in any reality, and our coming productions include Full Metal Corset and L’Horloge Fantastique.

  • On Friday, July 21st at 7pm, we will take part in the opening events for the festival
  • On Saturday, July 28th at 7pm, we will present a completely new show
  • On Sunday, August 6th, we will close out Indie Teepee with a final and once more original program of dance entertainment.
Every show will present an hour of dance routines, each created especially for the show by the dancer performing it. Intricate sets, splendid costumes and a cool soundtrack are brought together with state of the art scripting and particle effects. We strive to immerse our audience and leave them with the feeling of having attended a real and live show – because they have.

Dance Queens “Cutie” Awards 2012 – Dance Show Of The Year, Best Musical Selection,  Dance Group Of The Year, Director of The Year
Avi Choice Awards – Favourite Dance Troupe 2015

About Idle Rogue
Idle Rogue was formed in 2008 as a refuge for the alternative, combining our love for second life building and for alternative lifestyles. Music has always been our passion, and a focus on indie/alt music has influenced the Idle Rogue path from the outset. We support live music and DJs and we are home to After Dark, a thriving live music powerhouse presenting gigs four nights a week. The Underground presents indie and alt DJs on Fridays and Wednesdays in The Underground.
Idle Rogue Productions brings you Guerilla Burlesque, Le Cirque de Nuit, Mayfair, and past productions such as The Beautiful Freaks Burlesque Circus and Mr Timeless and The Pale Hypnotic. We are proud to create a sample selection of our work for Indie Teepee.