Top Tips Choosing the Right Axe for the Right Job

When you are working with wood, an axe is of prime importance. This axe should not only be sharp and comfortable to hold but must be right in so many other ways too. Unless it is the right one, you may not be able to do your job with ease and precision.

Here are a few tips to help you choose the right axe for your needs:

Head Thickness

The most important factor to consider is the head of the axe. It has to be sharp and thin enough to cut through the wood and other material but at the same time must be thick enough to not bend or snap when hit repeatedly. The axe head must neither be too thick or too thin.

Head Material

Next is the material used for making the head of the axe. It needs to be made of steel as steel is malleable, strong and won’t rust. However, the steel used here should have the right amount of carbon in it, else it will snap easily. Earlier the axe heads used to be made of high carbon steel, but today there are many models that use cheap melted down steel that are not only weak but do not last long either.

Old Vs. New

Getting an old axe is sometimes the better choice as you will be getting an axe head made of good steel used in those days and it will be cheaper than a brand new axe too. One can find such axes in flea markets and sometimes in a barn just hanging unused. Talk to the owner, strike a good deal and get that antique axe. Who knows, you may find the best bushcraft axe too at

Single Or Double Bit

A single bit can cut through wood faster and has the added weight on the poll. However, if you want a more balanced swing so that you can strike the same spot again and again without having to aim much, a double bit would be recommended.